10 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

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When we talk about the most trusted door lock brands we are not talking about the brands that you should trust. These are the brands that people have already trusted. Every company has different strengths and weaknesses which may not always line up with the brand’s overall track record. Our goal is to create awareness of security although it may sound like we are being negative. Please know that this is done in the best interest of the public. It is important to look at these products from a non-sales perspective.


Even if you do not know Kwikset by name, you have almost certainly used their product. In the United States, this company’s locks seem to be on every home’s door. The standard Kwikset is pretty much the cheapest name brand lock you can purchase, and in security, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, that is bad news for the frugal buyer. Your standard Kwikset lock is going to be very easy to pick and bump open. If you are hoping to make up for the standard model’s lack of security by purchasing the more experiences “SmartKey” cylinder, I would advise you to save your money.

9. Schleage

If you go into most any home improvement store, you will have access to Schlage locks. They are slightly more expensive then Kwikset, but provide a sturdier physical construction and are harder to pick and bump. The company has a variety of models, but their cheapest is significantly better than the cheapest Kwikset. The locks that Schlage makes are by far the best low-cost option out there.

8. Baldwin

Baldwin are the most widely available decent quality lock. Not the best and not the worst. Still, though, people trust this brand immensely. It is a strong lock with solid construction. Just by holding one you can feel the difference in weight between it and a cheaper lock. The more weight, the more metal and the more metal the grater the resistance will be for a forced entry. Because each of the holes cut in your door create weak points, an easy enough answer is to fill the hole with metal. The lock cylinder itself can be bumped, and it can also be picked very easy.

7. Yale

When it comes to the reputation of Yale, it would be hard for anyone to say they don’t trust them. The largest reason that you can’t take a shot at Yale is that they are widely considered to be the creators of the modern day pin tumbler lock. (That means that all the technically better brands are standing on the shoulders of this giant.) These locks have become more popular in the UK in recent years, and eventually, Yale became the colloquial term for household keys and lock, similar to the way that facial tissue is referred to as Kleenez. When a name brand becomes the shorthand for the entire range of products, you can be sure people trust it.

6. Corbin Russwin

This company is a mixture of some very poplar lock brands. They started out with cabinet locks and padlocks mainly. Russwin then merged with Corbin and became known as American Hardware, until they acquired and renamed Corbin Russwin. The locks have become very popular for the door locks in schools and other high traffic institutions. I would say hat the locks used to guard the future of humanity are some very trusted products. The locks are easy to service and replace, so convenience is at the root of this trust. As for picking resistance goes, they give many people a mountain of trouble even without security pins. The locks get easier to pick as they age, which is is another reason that serving and replacement is so important.

5. Mul-T-Lock

This brand has done a very good job of getting their name out there. Mul-T-Lock is easily recognizable as the company with the key that is morphing into a strong man. Many people trust the strength they perceive from the silhouette’s bicep flex. Their rep proceeds them. The locks themselves are very secure. Often keys are integrated with an active element that takes a but more knowledge and experience to pick, They are of course pick able, but they present a challenge. If you purchase a euro profile cylinder from this company, know that you should not install a thumbturn. With a thumbturn on this type of cylinder, the core can be easily bypassed.

4. RR Brink

This is one of the few companies that is trusted to make prison locks for the United States. The locks they make are responsible for keeping the most dangerous people securely stored away. RR Brink is by far the most trusted brand. Prison locks have a massive mortise cylinder that could have almost 2 normal size keys fit in the key way. But is it secure? Yes, it can be picked, but it is not easy. It is difficult to say if a prison environment  would giver prisoners access to the time and resources to pick this lock. Overall it is very secure; people with lots of skill, or lots of luck, are going to defeat this. Fortunately, we don’t live in a Hollywood movie, and most criminals don’t know how to pick locks.

3. Medeco

Often thought to be the best lock, Medeco rests on the high pedestal the public offers lock brands. Is it actually all that it is hyped up to be? Its a bit of a mixed bag. People like to claim that it is unpickable, but that is really untrue. The larger issue with Medeco is that they keep updating their design in order to maintain patience. With each update, the lock has became a little less secure. The methods of picking these locks, even with the new security vulnerabilities, is still not easy. If is a strong lock, but the trust people place in the brand is a little too grand. This is by no means a bad lock it is simply not as perfect as the general public believes it to be.

2. Evva

Evva is not a widely known brand. The main reason they have so much trust is becasue of the MCS model. This lock is very complicated magnetic key system that has still not been picked. Never have we seen any conclusive evidence of realistic and successfil attacks. Other than their most effectice prodect, they deliver all around quality door security. Their use of magnetic pins within the keywat makes them a very unique brand. Within the lock picking community, and the locksmith community, there is alot of trust with this brand. When the experts trust somthing, that is a sign of quality.

  1. ASSA- Abloy

Question: do you trust Medeco, Abloy, ASSA, Corbin, Mul-T-Lock or Yale? If you do chance are the company you have to thank is ASSA-Abloy. This company owns and manufactures the locks for these brands. Really it is just one company who is responsible for all of these successes. Other brands they own include but are not limited to: Arrow Lock and Door, Chubb, Sargent, Emtek, Union, IKON, ENOX, Traka, ect. They have their hands in all kinds of different security pies. By owning all of these companies, they can pretty much build you security to any level you want. They have distinction of being the most trusted brand, because of the real estate their products take up.


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